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Artisan Made

BONALLA is an international brand, proud to create designs in which it shares the fiber of the Llama with the world.

Its name was born out of these three elements: Bolivian Natural Llama BO-NA-LLA, thus offering a new concept of the Bolivian craftsmanship: natural, luxurious and contemporary knitwear for a cosmopolitan and urban audience.

BONALLA represents timeless fashion made from natural fibers, offers a feeling of pure comfort and natural luxury with each product. The products are different, imbued with creativity and pureness, beyond seasonal trends and that can be kept forever.                       



“We at BONALLA believe in the potential and exceptional qualities of Bolivian fibers”
Passionately crafting products made in Bolivia of the highest quality llama fiber achieved in the world, as good as Royal Alpaca or Cashmere, and superior to Baby Alpaca and any other regular Alpaca product

Our Natural Soul stands for:

Pureness symbolizes the exceptional quality of our natural llama fibers. It is expressed through a fresh, fluid aesthetic that breathes light and calmness. Many of our products use the beautiful natural shades of the llama fiber without the addition of dyes (Eco-friendly).

Luxury shines through our high standards of craftsmanship and quality in our llama clothing with products that cannot be found anywhere else. We take pride in being one of the only ones to create high-end llama products that can compete with the best luxurious natural fibers in the world.                                                                   
Creativity through a mix of hand-made and machine-made elements we create novel designs, high-end fashionable llama, and alpaca clothing. Pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, we continuously extend our know-how and explore the possibilities of our natural fibers to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.