Our Partners

Artisan Made

NANAY is a Bolivian company dedicated to the production of Alpaca and Llama knitted baby and children clothing.


Nanay is a socially conscious company, and Fair Trade certified. We work with 600 native local knitters who are heads of family and provide the main income to their homes. 90% of our knitters are women.


Our main mission is to constantly create jobs and increase hand labor, to improve the living standards of the knitters by searching constantly the growth of our markets for the products. Nanay’s work method has encouraged knitters to become entrepreneurs by establishing their own small enterprise.


Every workshop that works with Nanay is a legally established independent company leaded by the head knitter. Each entrepreneur has learned to manage their group of knitters and to grow their working capacity by increasing the number of persons in their workshop, therefore creating more jobs and hand labor. The passion and enthusiasm that our team puts in the work that we do, makes Nanay products, be knitted by happy people to make people happy.