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Walisuma is a compound word in Aymara that means:
“The best of the best”.
It is a proposal in which Bolivian tradition, history and materials merge with extraordinary originality.


Walisuma is a “Brand Umbrella” created in 2008 in Fundación Nuevo Norte, which was born to the public as a commercial space in October 2009, after the realization of a contest that identified the best Bolivian products and producers, who today make up the offer Walisuma However, and with the passing of time, more talents have emerged and of only being 20 organizations, there are now 65 groups, companies and supplier brands that work with us, representing more than 1300 producers throughout the country.

Walisuma was born from identifying a reality where: on the one hand, there are the producers who were difficult (and still the case of the majority) to spread their brands and promote their products; and on the other, an excellent opportunity, we refer to emerging markets, niches that look for or appreciate unique, exclusive and high value-added products, called “Highend”.

Walisuma continues in the constant challenge of finding the best ways to publicize the Bolivian Highend offer, and to make producers increasingly able to outdo themselves, with good practices and care for the environment, their environment and their society.

Undoubtedly, the values ​​pursued by the brand make its north guided forever to achieve excellence in every way and honor its name: “the best, the best.”


Walisuma is the grace that makes everyday life memorable; They are unique products, created in Bolivia. It is a look towards us – our natural and cultural wealth – and mainly towards our ability to transform that wealth into works of extraordinary beauty. In them harmoniously combine unique elements, preserved, cultivated, treated, designed and elaborated with a deep feeling of gratitude and love towards our land, rescuing the knowledge and knowledge transmitted by our ancestors.