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Walisuma is a compound word in Aymara that means:
“The best of the best”.
It is a proposal in which Bolivian tradition, history and materials merge with extraordinary originality.



WaraYana means “The star that comes from far away” in a native language of Bolivia.
Bolivia is the source and inspiration of this project. Inspired by the country’s culture and trends, we want to offer you unique high-quality products through a completely ethical supply process.


“Renaming luxury through social commitment” WaraYana is a socially responsible project that avoids large-scale intermediaries and manages to implement a fair-trade structure between artisans and the end customer.

 WaraYana has a commitment to contribute to the livelihoods of many low-income Bolivian families, bringing together projects involving different local communities and companies. Our partners and suppliers support local workshops that apply ancestral knowledge and techniques, and, at the same time, prepares them to handle the highest quality materials and machinery, creating networks of self-managed groups that produce directly for brands around the world.


Warayana and the projects that it groups, work together with exclusive fibres like Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Alpaca Suri, Baby Suri and Vicuña, all of them considered as luxury fibres in the world of fashion and recognised for their high quality and softness.

The producers of these fibres develop sustainable and responsible farming of camelids native of the Andean region in the south of Bolivia and in part of the border with Peru.

Their management represents an income for many families who coexist with these animals and share the same flora and fauna.


Bolivia, as a country, is recognized for its vast natural and socio-cultural diversity. Its territory covers 28% of the Andes, which, due to its geography and fauna, allows hundreds of families to traditionally dedicate themselves to textile manufacturing and the creation of alpaca, llama and vicuña garments.

Our artisans, natives of these lands, pillars in their family economies, are the engine of projects that seek to expand markets and create more jobs in our country.

All our projects respond to the philosophy of ‘Slow Fashion’ or ‘Sustainable Fashion’, promoting a respectful and committed movement with the environment and fair trade, and inculcating to become aware of responsible environmental and human consumption.

For this reason, we want you as a consumer to be immersed in the complete process of manufacturing, production and acquisition of artisanal creations, and we want you to understand the true value of a luxury garment.



Our partners, represented by Bolivian artisans, like for example “Nanay”, certified by the World Fair Trade

Organization (WFTO), promote empowerment networks based on small workshops, which allow native artisans of these lands, 90% of which are women and pillars in their family economies, to work from their local villages. These artisans represent the core engine of projects that have the aim of expanding their local markets and generating vital sources of job creation for Bolivia.

We trust the Andean communities of our country that work hard to boost their family economies. And, as a result of this effort, Tesoro Andino is born as the final step of the “Qutapiqiña” project, whose initial phase was to raise awareness and empower the community about the process of shearing and farming vicuñas in a sustainable way, preserving the environment. Qutapiqiña ultimately led to the elaboration of a unique vicuña clothes brand (Tesoro Andino) that became the first brand to comply with Bolivian regulations and to receive the authorisation to be exported.