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Artisan Made

Discover the magic of pure baby alpaca wool Made in Bolivia with love by artisans


Our founder and creative director, Bolivian fashion designer Bernarda Pelaez, cherishes her natural bond with her native country and believes in giving back, which is why at YAPA our priority is to work with local Bolivian artisans in the making of our products.

The luxurious sweaters we so carefully design and produce are all individual works of art and can take several hours to make given that many are embroidered by hand.  We are proud of the craftsmanship and beauty of our products and place great importance to their origin and sustainable production.

Our name “YAPA” and our logo, the symbolic Alpaca, honor the Andean Culture.  YAPA, means ” An added bonus; a gift given by a merchant to a buyer as a sign of appreciation” in Aymara/Quechua. This is what we intend with our brand, to give our buyers a sustainable gift from the Andes.