Morado Global focuses on triple impact growth!

We boost exports, which leads us to grow as companies in every way, production level, quality and commitment. In this way, the communities and the artisans of our partners are engaged in the growth of their work.
It is also important to note that specialized production is unique, focused on the consumption of balanced and responsible raw materials, the products are tailored and exclusive.
Take a piece of Bolivia, through a couture garment or an article of the best wood, undoubtedly has immense value throughout our chain of customer service.
Morado Global tries not only to focus on the sale of a Bolivian high quality product, but also that this sale also reaches the artisan, the producer through an improvement in their quality of life.
Our ultimate goal is to be a company that collaborates and protects the person who effectively performs manual labor.


David Arredondo
Principal CoFounder
Morado Bolivia