Scope of application

  1. The general terms and conditions set out herein (hereinafter: “T&C”) shall apply to all orders and purchases of clothing and accessories products (hereinafter “Products”) on the MoradoGlobal website (hereinafter: “Website”) managed by INBEST SRL in Bolivia (hereinafter: “Company”).


  1. The Customer is bound to read the T&C carefully before making any purchase order.
  2. By accepting the T&C and the dispatch of an order, the Customer hereby declares:
  3. to having read, understood and accepted in full and without reservations the T&C; These general sales conditions are to be considered applicable and effective as long as they are published on the moradoglobal.com website. Any changes to these general sales conditions will be published on the website and the new T&C conditions shall only apply to orders made as from the day of their publication.
  4. to be a consumer and want to purchase Products exclusively for personal use and not to resell them in the context of any trade or business activity, of any kind;

iii. to authorize Company to safeguard, process, use and transfer to third parties and/or abroad the (personal) data contained in the order for the purpose of performing it.

  1. Company will do its best to ensure that the information contained on the Website is accurate and updated. It could not however offer guarantees about this. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Products may not fully conform to the particulars, specifications and/or photographs found on the Website.


  1. The presentation of the products on the website is an invitation to tender.

The order can be made through MoradoGlobal internet website, by selecting any image of the product presented thereon and in any case by following the steps and instructions specified on the said website. In order to make any changes and/or corrections to the order, the Customer shall follow the relative instructions contained on the Website.

The order shall be sent by clicking on the button ‘‘Order Now” and it will be archived in the database safeguarding.

The order will then be considered as a contractual purchase proposal. Upon receipt of the order Company will send the Customer an e-mail containing the order number and information about the ordered products, the price of each product, delivery expenses where applicable, the address for shipment besides methods of payment and indicative time schedules for delivery.

Such e-mail will not constitute acceptance of the Customer’s purchase proposal, and serves only as confirmation of having received the order. Upon receipt of the order made by the Customer, Diffusions Tessie will verify the availability of the ordered products besides the accuracy of the information provided by the Customer.

The sale contract between Company and the Customer is to be considered as having been fine-tuned when sending to the Customer, to the email address the customer enters.

The Customer’s order may be refused in the event of an error in the information provided by the Customer, if the available products are out of stock, if insufficient solvency warranties are found, if the order does not meet the normal consumer needs (a requirement which applies both to the number of products purchased in the context of a single order and to the number of orders pertaining to the said product, even if each order comprises a quantity of products corresponding to normal consumer needs), or due to cases of force majeure.

If the order cannot be accepted, Company will communicate within 10 days following receipt of the order, about any impossibility of processing the order in subject and this will be followed with the immediate release of the amount reserved for payment.

In the event that a particular Product to be found in the order of the Customer is no longer available, Company shall not have any obligation to supply the Product in question, but it shall be exclusively bound to inform the Customer promptly of that circumstance.


The prices of the Products shall in any case be those published on the site and mentioned in the invoice, in the currency stated when being purchased.

Shipment and delivery costs will be added

The payment shall be authorized by the Customer at the time when the purchase order is made, by credit card or in any other manner mentioned in the relevant section of the Website, and it will be actually debited at the time of the confirmation of shipment.


The delivery of the Products shall be made to the delivery address shown by the Customer in the order. If there is evidence that the Product has been damaged or has been concealed or lost while being transported, we would ask Customer to contact our Customer Service department by and no later than 48 hours after via customerservice@moradobolivia.com Company will reimburse any sold Product which would have been damaged during the shipment made by its freight forwarder or which is missing, insofar as:

– the Customer would have communicated in writing through the page “Contact us” inside the area relating to Customer Service on the website moradoglobal.com, the damage or the absence of the Product within the 48 (forty-eight) hours subsequent to the date of delivery;

Company reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel, in its own free discretion, the delivery or the fulfilment of any of the obligations arising from the sales contract, in the event of alleged fraud, default or breach by the Customer of obligations assumed.

Should the ordered Products be required to cross customs (according to the country of destination), any customs charge related to the release of the goods shall be borne by the Customer; were the Customer to decide to reject the order once the item has arrived at customs, Company will not give any reimbursement for the goods which will be abandoned on the spot.

Warranty and limitation of liability

The Company warranty is limited to any manifest defects of the Products, excluding, without limitation any implied warranties as to the quality and to the suitability for the Customer’s purpose, for a period of 3 months from the delivery of the Products.

The warranty only gives the right to obtain reimbursement of the amount paid for defective Products, so long as the defect is communicated to Company in 3 business days

Before sending back the defective Products to Company, the Customer must make a request for permission to proceed with the return.

The total maximum limit of liability of Company could not in any case exceed the amount paid by the Customer for the purchase of the Product.

Company Information



NIT: 238304025

La Paz, Bolivia

Torre Montecristo Building , 4th floor , 401 office. 

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