Combination of a vintage Liijlla from Llallagua, province of Rafael Bustillo in Potosi, and a Levis vintage men’s jacket from the 1970’s.

Llallagua textiles are characterized by framing the pallay (area of the textile with designs and patterns) in small squares that are reminiscent of Inca designs, known as tocapus. These designs display a wide range of iconography that represent the modern daily life as well as traditional repertoire.

Modern icons such as, planes, trains, automobiles, helicopters, and bicycles, are woven together with birds, vizcachas, mythical animals dating back to the Incas, the 8-sided star and baroque garlands found in colonial paintings.

All of our jackets are one of a kind.

Size: M ( Men’s)


Chest: 21″

Shoulders: 18″

Waist: 21.5″

Length: 24″

Sleeve: 24″


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