Combination of a vintage Aqsu from Tinkipaya, province of Tomás Frías in Potosí, and vintage denim jacket form the 1970’s.

Tinkipaya textiles are described as being easily recognized as they “shine” due to the particular use and placement of colors and their use of light and shadow.

The use stars and eyes in their designs are most often placed within zigzagging bands called kutinaku.

The zigzags composed by obtuse points that can be read as mountains or towers that are the equivalent representation of masculinity. The diamond shapes on the other hand are read as chakras or seeds and are thought to be the feminine part of the textile.

The Aqsu is typically worn by women, is a rectangle formed by two pieces that are asymmetrical showing the main design on the lower half. It is pinned on the shoulders by a topo (pin) and used with a faja (belt) around the waist.

All of our jackets are one of a kind.

Size: SM



Shoulders: 16.5″

Waist:18″+ Elastic waist band

Length: 25″

Sleeve: 24″


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