Our Story

We are a company focused on supporting entrepreneurships from Bolivia with the aim of showing their products to the world.

Therefore, we look for small and medium business that works with handicrafts, furniture, clothing and handmade products.

The main objective of Morado is to be a window of these products to the world.

We start this business thinking in the best way possible for open new markets, found new partners, invest in new companies and help artisans all over Bolivia with the aim of our technology and digital experience.

We really appreciate your visit.


Bolivian Rosewood or Morado, is a medium sized tree.

We chose this name because it represents a unique tree from Bolivia with which it can be make first quality furniture; so, this unites our two main philosophies: Bolivia and quality.

Morado is generally a fairly easy wood to work with hand and machine tools. The most common uses include veneer, musical instruments, cabinetry, flooring and turning.

Our logo has the name Morado and two hands forming the M word for Morado that represents the work of artisans in our country. This a way to say how we value his work and recognize it internationally.


Transparency, quality and collaboration to high quality Bolivian producers to show their products to the world through technology tools and supported by digital solutions.

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Bolivian entrepreneur in the IT area, developing software and advising companies on how to improve their processes and the application of systems to achieve this


Bolivian entrepreneur in the areas of construction, machinery and technology. Passionate for new business ideas, supporting microentrepreneurs and generating ventures and startups