The Story of Morado

It all starts in June 2018, when I was blessed to move into a beautiful new apartment. In the process of equipping it, I got to know the products of Kirah Design, a company created by Gabriela Flores. We traveled to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a city in eastern Bolivia with great potential and great business growth.

Together with my family, we saw the Kirah Design showroom, very elegant and where the pieces of wood stand out for their colors, shapes, finish and, above all, for the energy they transmit from the entire production process they went through to become in very high quality pieces. We fell in love with many pieces with my family, it really is a pleasure to have a piece of solid wood that ends up being a unique connection with nature.

A couple of months later, Gabriela decides to make a presentation of her products in the city of La Paz. They expose many of their pieces in contrast to the mountains that characterize the “wonder city”, La Paz. Of course I was present, today I consider myself a lover of Kirah Design. After having the opportunity to talk to Gabriela, learn a little more about her success story that today positions her as a benchmark in the furniture design and production industry, my entrepreneurial instinct tells me: “I have to find a way to connect with Kirah Design and support its success. ”

At that time, Kirah Design was already exporting its products to different clients and had brokers in two cities in the United States. That is the word that sounded best in my head, BROKER !, and there arose again an aspect that I consider a quality in my personality, which is to generate ideas and perceive opportunities, over time and spontaneously, this has been developing By nature and without question, I am convinced that when one radiates energies and thoughts at a certain frequency, they return in abundance. I recommend reading the book The Secret.

By that date, 2018, I had already been working 6 years with my partner Alexis Gómez, in ideas and projects related to technology, software development and services. With Alexis we met years before because he was my neighbor in the first apartment we had with my family.

I remember that our friendship became a society in an afternoon in a Café where the idea of ​​collaborating together uniting our personal capacities is generated and, at that moment, I can say that this project was born in a certain place. From that moment we have built different projects together, developed services for friends and clients, always thinking of generating innovative ideas that contribute to our society.

We go back in time, the word “BROKER” does not leave my mind and instantly evolves into “BROKER DIGITAL”. The idea is reflected in my head, how to start, what to do, where the idea should be supported and developed. For a couple of hours we are maturing the subject with Alexis, and after years of promoting other services and products, we made the decision to create something of our own and this is how the project was officially born. We take a couple of days to train on the subject, evaluate other ideas, large and small, already operational in the general market.

As a result, we know that we have to create a digital platform to promote it worldwide.

We come with years of experience and more the study of new tools and processes, we decided to work on a minimum viable product supported by experts and experience. After a search, Alexis finds a professional willing to listen to our idea. We had a couple of hours of videoconferences with Ximena Jaramillo, a Bolivian who lives in Chile and an expert in the digital world. We landed a consulting proposal and during the next 3 months, we give body to the project full of illusions and with a lot of time and dedicated effort.

As many professionals say, before the result, there is the trip and its process, if you know how to enjoy it and you have a passion for what you are creating, in addition to time flying, it is a great learning experience.

In this process the work methodology was built, determining the target market, the potential consumer and the brand. Right there we had to find a name for the project and a logo based on a unique and quality concept.

Being focused on unique, very high quality, original products, manufactured and made by artisans in communities, Bolivian hands involved in the entire process, from the artisan, to the systems engineer writing codes to the handshake between an idea and possible partners who would later be called “Partners”.

The concept of a pure essence is born, nothing that we would have created from scratch, but that nevertheless is present and very few value and recognize it in this aggressive and automated world. The project must have a social nuance, an essence of support and management. This is how the concept of “promoting exports of Bolivian products to the entire world arises, generating an impact on companies supported by artisans and remote communities in our beloved Bolivia.

For the name we had to be original, different, we must make known in a big way everything that Bolivia has, in a word, how do we do it?

It was a matter of looking at what was in front of our noses, that is, our first partner Kirah Design, specializes in working an endangered wood, a wood that is not allowed to exploit because its qualities are unique to the Bolivian Amazon, its colors, its shape, its textures and mechanical capabilities. This wood has the name of “Purple” in Bolivia, since its variation in colors from yellowish brown to reddish violet, sometimes almost black, gives it that unique and high quality characteristic.

This is how all the parts mesh in an almost magical way that gives rise to the name PURPLE.

After receiving more than 150 options from different parts of the world, we went through the task of qualifying one by one until we found the concept in a single image, and this is how our logo is created.

The shadow of Bolivian artisan hands that shape the M in Purple on the eloquent color that represents us in every way.

We have the idea and the concept and now the brand and the platform are ready and different actors begin to join the project: Claudia Méndez de Origenes is the second, Maria Jose Sologuren with Patricia Vargas de Warayana give us a thumbs up.

Patricia Rodriguez de Walisuma, creates a unique synergy from the beginning since many points of origin of both companies, is the same, especially the support for communities and artisans. Artezanno by Ivan Saba is the last, from the first group of partners, to give us the OK, the truth, in the end, the business model sounds good to everyone and the way to do it, adds to all.

Today, the project is underway with new blood that supports detail with everything we have to continue promoting and we have a working triangle with the project manager, Brayan Soto and supported by digital strategy and community managers from Uruguay, Mariana and Sebastián of the company Dango and the payment gateway of Livees and Sergio Rejas.

After a historical moment lived in Bolivia in October / November 2019 where the people seek unity to remove from power a dictatorship that takes weeks of unemployment and with the encouragement and hope of the new year, we see that is ready to go to market.

It is the last phase before the launch, we are in the middle of January, now the work is planning the launch, analyzing in detail how and where we are going to promote the platform. From the beginning we identified three channels, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We take a couple of days to analyze and investigate which is the most convenient according to the objectives set. Our first goal is to make the Morado brand known locally and then move to an international market.

This is how on February 13, 2020, Morado Global begins operations.


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